Diesel Fuel Delivery and More for Central Pennsylvania Farms

Snedeker Energy has the fuels your farm needs to grow and prosper!


Agriculture is a major component of Pennsylvania’s economy, directly and indirectly supporting close to 600,000 jobs, while contributing more than $132 billion.

Here in the Lewistown area, dairy farming, logging and sawmills, grain farming, nurseries and greenhouses, and Christmas tree farming are the larger agricultural businesses.

Snedeker Energy provides personalized fuel delivery for your farm, sawmill or logging business.

On- and off-road diesel

Diesel fuels are at the core of many local industries, agriculture included. Approximately 75% of farm equipment and vehicles are powered by either on-road or off-road diesel.

On-road diesel is used for vehicles such as logging trucks, cattle trucks and pickup trucks.

Off-road diesel is used for farm equipment like tractors, planting and harvesting equipment, mowers and sawmills.

Snedeker Energy is the Lewistown area’s leading diesel fuel supplier.

Bulk propane

Propane’s versatility makes it a slam dunk as an agricultural energy source. It is outstanding for energy-efficient water heating and heating of barns, outbuildings and greenhouses. Propane standby generators keep the power on in those buildings to keep livestock, poultry and plants safe.

Propane is the superior choice for crop drying. It’s dramatically more energy efficient than other options and provides a higher yield.

Keep your fields weed-free with propane flame weed control equipment. You won’t have to deal with potentially dangerous herbicides, and you’ll be able to quickly get back to work in your fields, since you aren’t using chemicals.

With propane, you have security in your energy supply, unlike with electricity or natural gas. That’s because your propane supply is stored on-site in bulk propane tanks. You aren’t at the mercy of a utility’s unreliable infrastructure.

Heating oil

Heating oil offers several advantages on a farm. It gets your home as well as your barns, poultry houses and greenhouses warm faster than any other energy source, ensuring that what’s inside those buildings stays safely warm.


With the growth of biodiesels in the fuel industry, it’s easy to get your equipment running on this clean-burning fuel.

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