Boiler and Furnace Services in Lewistown, PA and Nearby Communities

Get a warm and comfortable home with Snedeker Energy!

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Your home’s heating system is in many ways the heart of your home. It keeps you warm, safe and comfortable.

With Snedeker Energy, you have peace of mind because your heating system will get that job done with maximum energy efficiency.

Only Snedeker Energy customers are eligible for our maintenance tune-up services.

Boiler and furnace service

To ensure that your furnace or boiler is running at its peak performance and affordability, a yearly professional tune-up is critical. Investing in this service will help reduce heating costs over time!

Additionally, our service technicians will carefully inspect your heating system during the tune-up process to detect any problems that may become more serious in time. Taking care of these issues early can spare you from experiencing a sudden breakdown and its inconvenient consequences.

Furnace and boiler repair

Even with regular, professional maintenance, sometimes your heating system can break down. If you need boiler or furnace repair, you can count on us to be there when we say we will, get the job done right, and clean everything up before leaving.

Propane boilers and furnaces are a great option!

Converting your home’s heating system to propane offers many advantages. Here are some of them.

Energy efficiency – Get best-in-class efficiency with propane heating systems, which offer AFUE ratings of up to 95%!

Money savings – Propane offers the best bang for your energy buck, as it can heat the average home for about half the cost of electricity, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Environmental friendliness – Propane’s carbon footprint is dramatically smaller than other heating fuels, including natural gas. In fact, propane heating systems are so clean-burning that state and federal programs offer credits and incentives for installing them.

Durability – Propane boilers and furnaces have life expectancies of between 15 and 20 years, which is about 50% longer than electric heat pumps.

Dependability – With your heating system’s fuel stored right at your home inside your propane tank, you aren’t at the mercy of the electrical grid or natural gas utility’s infrastructure to keep your home warm and comfy.

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