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Stay warm and comfortable with Snedeker Energy!

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There’s not much that’s more comfortable than relaxing in front of a fire in the fireplace on a chilly day.

You can enjoy that comfort at the push of a button with propane gas hearth products from Snedeker Energy!

We sell and install attractive, quality gas hearth products and gas logs from Empire. The gas logs are tops in the industry for their real wood look in a range of wood types, from oak to driftwood.

Our trained and experienced service technicians will install your gas hearth and gas logs to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Benefits of propane gas fireplaces

Replacing a traditional wood-burning fireplace with the convenience of propane is easy with gas logs and a propane fireplace insert!

If you desire an authentically beautiful and lifelike flame, choosing propane fireplaces over electric is your best option. You can enjoy a fire without sacrificing any comfort or convenience! Simply turn it on, enjoy its comforting glow, then switch it off when you’re done. No worries about ash or residue to clean up afterward.

Propane fireplaces offer superior heating efficiency and efficacy compared with a wood-burning fireplace, allowing your room to rapidly become warm — and stay that way for longer. Propane gas fireplaces offer an impressive efficiency of up to 80%, which is significantly higher than the average wood fire. In fact, almost 90% of the heat created by a wood-burning fireplace is lost up the chimney! Also, as the fire dies down, your room becomes cool faster than with a propane gas fireplace.

Are you wondering how much propane your gas fireplace consumes? Each 100,000 Btu’s require roughly one gallon of fuel. For example, if your unit has a 50,000-Btu output rating, then it will likely consume around a gallon for every two hours that the fireplace is running.

Contrasting the resources you expend on a traditional wood-burning fireplace with that of one powered by propane, you see how cost efficient and easy it is to have a propane hearth in your home!

Hearth maintenance service

Like all fireplaces, a gas fireplace needs maintenance to keep it operating properly, safely and efficiently.

Snedeker Energy customers get exclusive access to our gas hearth repair and maintenance services.

Enjoy the comfort and convenience of a propane gas fireplace in your home! Get in touch with Snedeker Energy today to learn more.

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