Heating Oil Services in Central Pennsylvania

Count on Snedeker Energy for your heating oil needs!

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Since 1958, Snedeker Energy has been part of the Lewistown community. We understand your energy needs, because you’re our neighbors!

We provide you with dependable heating oil delivery and services, so that when winter brings its frigid weather to your home, we are there to ensure that you stay warm, safe and comfortable.

Heating oil delivery. Here at Snedeker Energy, we offer more than just heating oil — we provide you with peace of mind. Through our long history, we have formed strong relationships with our fuel suppliers, so you can be certain that whenever you need heating oil, you’ll get it.

Our Automatic Delivery plan is the prime choice among our customers due to its convenience and accessibility. Cutting-edge software allows for an accurate calculation of your heating oil needs by using both your past usage history and current and forecasted weather. With this data, we are able to provide a delivery before you run low.

Heating oil tanks. Heating oil tanks have made advancements in recent years that make them safer and more durable. We install quality tanks that are designed to give you the highest level of protection from leaks that can damage your home and the environment.

Pricing and payment options. We recognize the importance of being in control of your household expenses. That’s why we offer multiple payment and pricing plans to help you manage heating oil costs that perfectly suit both your needs and your budget.

Become a Snedeker Energy customer for the most dependable heating oil delivery and service in the Lewistown area!

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