Snedeker Energy Makes It Easy to Convert to Propane!

With worry-free propane tank leasing, you can enjoy the benefits of propane in your home!

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Whether you’re adding propane to your home or are looking to change your propane company, Snedeker Energy helps to make the process hassle-free!

We understand that every customer has their own individual needs when it comes to propane usage in their home.

If you’re converting to propane, we take the time to listen and create a custom plan, factoring in your objectives and your budget, so you can convert with confidence.

If you’re switching to Snedeker Energy from another propane provider, we make the switch easy for you with our complete propane services.

Benefits of propane

With propane, you enjoy comfort, energy efficiency and peace of mind.

Switching to propane for your home’s major appliances, like your home heating system and water heater, can reap massive energy cost savings.

Not only do propane clothes dryers help you save money by drying your laundry 25% faster than electric models, but they provide a moister heat that leaves fewer wrinkles in your clothing. Who doesn’t love less ironing?

With a propane gas range, your cooking experience is elevated to the next level. You have precise and instant temperature control that allows you to whip up perfect dishes with ease.

Protect your home and ensure uninterrupted comfort during power outages with the reliable security of a propane whole-house backup generator. With the help of a generator , you can ensure that your lights stay on, food is kept cold and safe to eat in the refrigerator or freezer, HVAC is running at an optimal temperature, electronics are charged up and ready for use when needed, and essential medical equipment like CPAPs or electric wheelchairs are operational.

Propane is not just a great indoor energy source, but also an excellent choice for outdoor amenities. Pool and spa heaters that use propane will warm your water much faster than electric models, allowing you to save significantly on energy costs. Propane can be used to power outdoor fireplaces and firepits as well. Imagine always having fuel ready for all your backyard barbecues by connecting a built-in gas grill directly to your home’s propane tank.

Propane tank leasing

We lease and install propane tanks to meet any home’s propane needs and offer both underground and aboveground installation. This makes having a propane tank worry-free, as we handle all maintenance and repairs.

Snedeker Energy will go over how you use propane in your home and install a tank that will meet your needs without requiring too-frequent deliveries. Here are the tank sizes we carry:

100-pound tank

  • 4 feet tall and 18 inches in diameter
  • Holds approximately 25 gallons when full (standard fill)
  • For one propane appliance, like a clothes dryer or a fireplace

120-gallon tank

  • 4½ feet tall and 32 inches in diameter
  • Holds 100 gallons at 80% capacity (standard fill)
  • Installed aboveground
  • For one or two propane appliances, like a space heater or a water heater
  • Not large enough for whole-house heating

500-gallon tank

  • 5 feet tall and 10 feet long
  • Holds 400 gallons at 80% capacity (standard fill)
  • Can be installed underground or aboveground
  • For whole-house heating and homes with many propane appliances

1,000-gallon tank

  • 5 feet tall and 16 feet long
  • Holds 800 gallons at 80% capacity (standard fill)
  • Installed either aboveground or underground
  • For very large homes with several high-Btu propane appliances, like pool and spa heaters, and for commercial applications

Snedeker Energy will help you put propane to use in your home for comfort and energy efficiency! Contact us today to get started.

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