Propane Services in Lewistown, PA, and Nearby Towns

You can count on Snedeker Energy for your propane needs!

propanePropane is the perfect energy solution for homeowners in Central Pennsylvania. It’s versatile and efficient and, since it’s stored onsite, it offers a level of reliability that can’t be matched by other energy sources.

To enjoy those benefits as well as amenities such as high-efficiency home heating, water heating, gas cooking and more, you need a dependable propane supplier. That’s Snedeker Energy! Our customer service is second to none, so rest assured that you’ll have an experienced team on your side that will always be there for you.

The Snedeker Energy advantage

Snedeker Energy is a locally owned business with a commitment to exceptional customer care. We understand that you are our neighbor, not just an account number. That’s why we provide reliable, responsive propane services better than any large-scale national companies can match. Here’s what we offer.

Propane delivery you can trust. We recognize that our customers have individual needs when it comes to their propane supply, and we are prepared to accommodate them. That’s why we provide Automatic Delivery as an option. For this service we use your propane usage history as well as current and forecasted weather conditions to accurately calculate when your propane tank will need a refill, and then we schedule a delivery before you run low. Snedeker Energy customers get 24-hour emergency propane delivery and no-heat emergency services.

Easy to switch. Getting your propane from Snedeker Energy couldn’t be easier! With our cost-effective leasing, having a propane tank doesn’t have to be stressful! We specialize in the installation of both aboveground and underground tanks ranging from 100 pounds up to 1,000 gallons.

Pricing and payment options. Take control of how you manage your propane costs with plans including our Budget Plan, PreBuy, AutoPay and online bill paying.

Looking for the best propane service in the Lewistown area? Become a Snedeker Energy customer!

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