Propane Delivery for Lewistown, PA and Neighboring Mifflin County Towns

Snedeker Energy is the propane company you can rely on!

propane deliveryWhether you live in a new or old home, a cottage or a colonial, you have unique needs when it comes to your propane supply. To ensure peace of mind, Snedeker Energy proudly provides timely and reliable propane delivery service tailored to those needs.

We believe that getting your propane should be easy and hassle-free. So we offer options for your propane delivery service that you can choose from.

Automatic Delivery: Getting propane couldn’t be easier!

Automatic Delivery, no doubt our most popular service, is a dream come true for many of our customers, because it takes the work and worry out of getting your propane. We use cutting-edge software that will assess your propane usage history with precision, so we know exactly when it’s time to fill up your tank. Thanks to this data-driven approach, your propane will be delivered before you run low. And better yet, Automatic Delivery is completely FREE!

If you choose Will-Call, it’s imperative that you keep an eye on your propane tank gauge and make sure that a delivery request is sent before the reading drops below 30%. If you do run low or have a propane run-out, we offer round-the-clock emergency propane delivery for an additional fee.

pricing options

Pricing and payment options

One of the advantages of being a local business is that we know our customers and understand them. This insight allows us to provide pricing and payment options so that you can manage your propane costs your way.

Budget Plan. Our Budget Plan spreads your propane costs over 12 even, easy monthly installments. It makes planning your household spending easier, because you know what your Snedeker Energy payment will be each month!

PreBuy. With PreBuy, wintertime propane pricing spikes won’t affect you! That’s because you buy your winter’s supply of propane in the summer, when prices are traditionally lower.

AutoPay. Say goodbye to fretting over whether or not your payment will arrive on time! With AutoPay, Snedeker Energy is able to withdraw the monthly payment directly from your bank account or charge it to your credit card. No more worrying about late payments!

Get the most reliable propane delivery around! Become a Snedeker Energy customer today.

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